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Best Pager Choices for Restaurants and Similar Use - Coaster Pagers
These pagers can be programmed to vibrate only, beep and vibe, or beep only. All models include an array of flashing LEDs as well. Only the LRS Coaster Call(TM) model includes an alphanumeric display. Some models have advertising slots. These types of pagers are ideal for restaurant patron use, as well as any situation where a person just needs to be alerted that it is their turn.

Choose a Coaster Pager Model

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Apollo 360 Coaster Pager
Apollo Coaster Pager
Apollo Air Waterproof Coaster Pager
Apollo Waterproof Coaster Pager
LRS Coaster Pager
LRS Coaster Pager
LRS Alpha Coaster Style Pager
LRS Coaster Call™ with Alpha Display
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